2017 TNT Champs


2017 Champions

— Champions of 3 Team Playoff —

James Bradshaw, Adam Preston, Rick Ocean, Sean Sicard

SCORE: 59 (-9)

2016 Winners

Jon Bridge, Griffin Cobb, Mike Taylor, Dave Taylor
Score 58 (-10)

2015 Winners

Griffin Cobb, Dave Taylor, Mike Taylor, Jon Bridge
Score 56 (-12)

2014 Winners

Dave Taylor, Mike Kilborn, Andrew Dale, Ryan Nightingale.
Score 54 (-14)

2013 Winners

Ian Malo, Jeff Lim, Brett Smith and Ian Summers.
Score 60 (-12)

2012 Winners

Dave Taylor, Sean Sicard, Brian Decker, Mike Taylor
Score: 61 (-11)

2011 Winners

Tobin Haney, John Hillis, Josh Hillis, Adam Newton
Score: 63 (-9)


Everybody is welcome to bring a significant other to the dinner/party. Cost is $30.00. Please add this amount to Entry Fee and if they are unable to make it we will provide refund on day of event.

If you want to play, payment must be made no later than May 1, 2017.

We are going to limit the number of entries to 32 players again this year, with the possibility of expanding to 40 players if there are 8 players on the waiting list (we can only increase by increments of 8 so each team is paired with another team).

Send Payment by Email: nights96@hotmail.com

Security Question: Where were the first 3 TNT Cups played?

Security Answer: ottercreek

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